Whatever was not burnt out in the engine, on its way out will be oxidized by a ceramic catalytic converter. This reaction gives off some heat, which in turn heats up a converter up to almost 300 degrees.
Up to 35 000 rub/kg
A precious coating of gold, radium, palladium or platinum is evenly sprayed on the metal honeycombs of such a neutralizer, located in a stainless steel case.
Up to 3 500 rub/kg
Diesel particulate filter is technologically designed for a certain mileage of the car. It would be approximately 100-120 thousand kilometers, depending on the car operating conditions and the recommendations of its manufacturer.
Up to 5 000 rub/kg
EXPROM is buying from companies and private sellers those industrial catalytic converters that have completely exhausted their own resources or became unusable for another reason.
Up to 2 200 rub/kg
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